Royal Geographic Society Exhibition 13th – 22nd September 2021

Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

‘Out of Thin Air’. 

I joined two painters, Patrick Cullen and Tobit Roche, and filmmaker Jack Hextall in Nepal and for three weeks we toured and painted the Annapurna Circuit. 

When artists are together they often inspire each other to greater endeavour and ideas get bounced around often leading to interesting developments in their work. I personally enjoy travelling with other artists working companionably with a common purpose. I am proud what we achieved, often when competing with hostile conditions when painting.

Part of our reason for going was to raise funds for Community Action Nepal (CAN) to help Sherpa communities in isolated regions, it being one of the most successful charities in this field. CAN was started by the late Doug Scott, who sadly died in December 2020, and the exhibition was partly to celebrate his dedicated work for the people of Nepal.

The premier of Jack Hextall’s documentary film of the expedition was held at the RGS at the exhibition and has subsequently won the award for BEst Dosumentary at teh Nepal International Film Festival.

Read more about our expedition here.